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Engaging Students with Dramatic Techniques


This website is a collection of teaching methods, exercises, and a guide text on how to start implementing drama techniques in language teaching.

The idea for this project came from attending a course at the University of Iceland on Teaching methods for language teaching and class management and from discussions in another course on Dyslexia and Literacy on how creative teaching methods benefit everyone. Some experienced teachers in the Dyslexia course wanted to try out dramatic teaching methods in their classrooms, but they weren't sure where to start. This is the place!

The website has several sections. Here is what you can find in each one:


Here, we discuss the theoretical reasons why you should start using dramatic techniques in your classroom. We also discuss the benefits of using drama techniques in language teaching.


Here is our quickstart guide on using drama techniques. It includes a visual and written guide to help get you started.


Here, we have drama exercises that you can start using right away. We are constantly adding new exercises, so check back often!

About me:

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